4 x 2 Litre Plastic Pet Pasta Cereal Rice Dry Food Storage Flip Lid Container Dispenser by BS

4 x 2 litre plastic pet pasta Cereal Rice Dry Food Storage Flip Lid Container Dispenser. You will receive one of each colour. A great value plastic cereal container that would look good in any kitchen;Ideal for storing rice, pasta, cereal, lentils, dry dog food, soups etc. Our dispenser is also fully dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience, in an impressive design for maximum storage with impressive space efficiency.

Storage Capacity: 2 Litre. Available in 4 colours Green, Pink, Purple & Blue.

ISI HPL 819 Spaghetti-Box Lock & Lock, 2 Liter, 135 x 102 x 282 mm

Geeignet für Mikrowelle, Spülmaschine und Gefriertruhe. Isi hpl 819 spaghetti-box lock & lock, 2 liter, 135 x 102 x 282 mm 100 % luft- und wasserdicht. 30 jahre Garantie. Ineinander stapelbar. Aromafest.

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